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impeccable heritage over 50 years

Based in East Sussex, UK, Jaybee Engineering Company (Brighton) Ltd have been trusted to provide critical and non-critical components since 1964.

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Our Values

Providing you with the best possible product, consistently.

Since 1964, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of our customers for design and manufacture.

By subcontracting to Jaybee, we will bring the latest technology and industry experience to bear on your project. You can benefit from reduced costs through improvements to the manufacturing process, without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Quality and Reliability

At Jaybee , we play a critical role in the supply chain of some of the UK's leading companies. We perform in-depth quality assurance on the components we manufacture in line with our ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FM38179. Certificates of conformance, batch traceability and customer quality plans can all be supplied on request.

Accuracy and Precision

High standard inspection equipment and sophisticated up-to-date machinery enable us to deliver with quality and precision in accordance with the tight tolerances and improved finishes that are the norm for current demands. Our CNC manufacturing techniques allow tolerances of 0.008mm.

Innovative Thinking

At Jaybee we think outside the box when it comes to improving the manufacturing process. We aim to lower cost of manufacture and pass this added value onto our customers. See our case study for an example.

Lets work together

Our Approach

Why Choose Jaybee?

World Class Service

We pride ourselves on giving a world class service with the flexibility to adjust to the customer’s ever-changing needs. Our skilled staff are highly trained and with a variety of machine types we can offer our customers a rapid response time both for the initial quotation and the actual manufacture, giving improved flow for your organisation.

A Partnership

Listening and predicting is the forte of a modern sub contractor. The customer’s needs are imperative and we make a good understanding of your business our highest priority. We pride ourselves on encompassing all types of manufacturing to give the customer one stop purchasing. Jaybee also has formed close links with finishers to give completed product for immediate use.

Supporting UK Manufacturing

Jaybee is based in East Sussex, UK, with a proven track record of supplying the UK's leading companies for over 50 years. As a UK company, you can reduce risk to your supply chain by subcontracting to Jaybee. You can take advantage of our industry experience to lower costs and improve the manufacturing process of your component. With Jaybee, you can achieve better flow and response time for your organisation.

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