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Specialists in CNC Manufacturing

We are trusted to produce critical and non-critical components for some of the UK’s leading companies. 

With Jaybee, you can rely on us for quality, accuracy, precision, reliability and consistency in the manufacture of your components.

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A Modern Progressive Company

We are a modern progressive company continually investing in the latest machine tools. Through our team’s innovative thinking, we continuously improve our machining techniques to give the best possible products at a competitive price on time.

Established over 50 years ago Jaybee Engineering Company (Brighton) Ltd is today employing the very latest CNC Machining and computer technology to produce super precision turned and machined parts for some of the United Kingdom’s leading companies.

In many cases, Jaybee Engineering produces components that fulfil a critical role. Machining tolerances can be to accuracies of 0.008mm, with 100% inspection being carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number FM38179.

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For small to medium batch runs you can be certain of quality and accuracy.


CNC Machining Focused on Quality and Customer Needs

At Jaybee, manufacturing your component goes beyond competitive prices. From the design stage to production, we will bring to bear over 50 years of manufacturing experience to facilitate your design requirements and lower costs. 

Our CNC Machining services are trusted by some of the United Kingdom’s leading companies to manufacture their critical and non-critical components.

We can offer our customers a rapid response time both for the initial quotation and the actual manufacture, giving improved flow for your organisation.

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OUR Machinery

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Our CNC Turning service use the latest Multi-Axis CNC lathes and techniques. Capable of machining complex components in a single operation.

Our CNC Milling service use the latest Multi-Axis CNC Milling machines and techniques, combining world-class service with internationally recognised quality and precision.

We have experience in CNC turning and CNC milling an extensive array of materials. We have formed close links with finishers to provide you with a complete manufacturing solution. 

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We combine a highly skilled workforce with the latest in CNC machining technology.

We “think outside the box” to reduce your costs and ensure the best possible product. 


Improving the Manufacturing Process
We constantly strive to find ways to improve the manufacturing process, providing value for our customers. Our skilled staff are highly trained with a variety of machine types. This allows us to offer our customers a rapid response time for the initial quotation and actual manufacture. We pride ourselves on giving a world class service with the flexibility to adjust to the customer’s ever-changing needs. With Jaybee, you will benefit from an improved flow for your organisation. See our case study for an example.
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